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I’ve talked a lot about skateboards that you can buy. Most disregard skateboards as toys, or as something that you get into for a while and then leave. I’m not either….I love skateboarding for more than what I can do on one, I love skateboarding for everything it has to offer…and pairing that with Art, is just an amazing thing. Here’s a gallery via, the main page that features this is in French..and is found here. Wait a few moments and enjoy the gallery.

The Hanging world impresses me greatly, and the Japanese themed one is amazing.

I love Religious themed skateboards, I am a Christian and while most are quick to point out that christians are closed minded, those same people have never met me.

A bullfighter deck would be optimum for my wife, she’s of Spanish descent, and well..the Spanish did influence my heritage…seeing as though they conquered major parts of Mexico…including where I am originally from.<

Body parts, everyone loves body parts…right?

This row is awesome…it has so much depth.

The Future is unwritten is all I could come up with for this row. It chases the art world into a new frenzy, somehow, I can’t really put it into words.

The rows of art just keep coming, and this one nails down art above skateboarding, creating an amazing canvas.

This one is incredible…closing off the three sets into a perfect closure.

While the mainstream skateboarding world doesn’t see a lot of these gems, there are still enthusiasts out there that see skateboards as empty canvas…and while I try to find a line between the two for myself, I see that there is much art to be appreciated away from the mall stores and television sets that seem to rule our daily being.
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