éS Game Of SKATE - Brea, CA - Liberty Boardshop

The second stop on the 2009 éS Game of SKATE tour landed us in Brea, Ca. We rolled up to Liberty Board shop early to find throngs of kids already waiting for us and eager to sign up. With a typical Southern California day at hand, and a parking lot full of eager skaters, the tone was set for a great Game of SKATE!
By three o’clock we had signed up 160 skaters - a few of them were veterans of the local Games of SKATE, but the trend this year seems to be a ton of new faces; with some great skating coming from the under-twelve set.
In an amazing thrid round match-up, Carlos Lastra and Matt Lemond faced off in lane 5, in what could have easily been a finals match-up, with Carlos coming out on top. This was easily Carlos’ hardest battle in his quest for the finals, but when you have tricks in your bag like 360 flip late-flips and hardflip late-flips, it probably doesn’t seem that difficult to win.
Heading down the stretch into the semi-finals we saw some great match ups between Wisconsin shredder Ethan Sontag and Justin Owens, former Game of SKATE crew-member Pepito Galindo and Jonathan Carter, Luis Calderon and Edgar Torres. The semi finals had wünder kid Marcel Garayev, Luis Calderon, Ethan Sontag, Robbie Jeperson, Edgar Torres and Carlos Lastra all facing off against each other. Some of the best match-ups of the day produced our finalists: Carlos Lastra, Robbie Jeperson and Edgar Torres.
Robbie started the finals off easy with a kick flip, Edgar Torres maintained his powerful style throughout but in the end it was Carlos Lastra finishing off the competition with a trick familiar to many Game of SKATE hopefuls, the front shove late-flip, for the win. Carlos will represent Long Beach in the éS Game of SKATE finals this fall, date and location to be announced later.

éS Game of SKATE in Brea, CA
Winner: Carlos Lastra

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i like this info...


domy | July 14, 2009 at 4:28 AM

thank u for info.
and i like top 10 skat shoes.

aria | July 14, 2009 at 4:32 AM

hehe.kapan saya bisa seperti carlos boz..


ruri | August 13, 2009 at 3:32 AM

nice game,,, sayang saya nggak bisa. btw thanks
ditunggu kunjungan dan komentarnya...
nice blog...

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