New Arbor Kelly Slater Series Longboard/Skateboard


Check out this new Arbor Kelly Slater Series Longboard, from the same cool eco-friendly brand that brought you these Arbor Snowboards The Kelly Slater Series Longboard is a gunny little, composite-style pin that was developed to deliver flex-oriented performance and a fun, forgiving ride. It features an eco-friendly build with around four plys of sustainably sourced Canadian Hardrock Maple sandwiched between two layers of pre-cured fiberglass. The glass makes the board’s long-lasting flex-style performance possible - creating a fun, more forgiving ride. Also in the Arbor tradition, they finished the deck with an ecologically accessed ply of Hawaiian Koa wood, creating improved durability and response time. Check out more Arbor Skateboards below. Arbor.

Via Treehugger

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